About Us

MenuMade makes planning dinner easy and enjoyable.

The question, “What’s for dinner?” is one we have all asked. Planning what to eat every week can be a struggle and is something we often dread. Whether you want to eat new and exciting meals, lose weight, impress your friends & family or just take the stress out of meal planning...


MenuMade is here to help.


Our Story

Elise and Toby have always been passionate about food and love creating fresh, exciting and nutritious meals. Both living busy lives, they soon found themselves in a food rut where they kept looping back to a few select favourites or opting for takeaways. Each Sunday they would sit down and spend hours flicking through cookbooks and online recipes to plan their menu for the week. They finally concluded that there must be a way to enjoy the fun of cooking without the hassle of planning out their weekly menu.

With meal-kit delivery providers being extremely costly and un-sustainable they began working on a solution for people like themselves to get access to healthy, affordable and delicious meal plans that are simple to prepare and take the stress out of getting dinner on the table.


They pulled together a talented team of professional chefs, experienced food experts and digital gurus to create a platform that makes mealtimes simple, more convenient and enjoyable.

Introducing MenuMade.