Save time, save money, eat better.

MenuMade is a subscription service that provides Kiwis with a weekly meal plan, complete with recipes, nutritional information and a list of ingredients that can either be self shopped, collected or delivered from your favourite supermarkets.

How it works

1) Select your menu

Choose from our range of menu plans featuring 5 fresh and exciting recipes every week. Select the meals you want to make and add the ingredients to your shopping list.

2) Get your food

MenuMade sends you an editable grocery list based on your menu selection. You then have 3 options for how you want to receive your groceries.

3) Cook and enjoy

Follow our simple to read recipe cards and create healthy, affordable & delicious meals that everybody will love.

Menu plans

A perfect mix of meat, vegetables, fruits, grains & dairy. 

$3 per week


A vegetarian menu plan that can easily be made vegan. 

$3 per week

Vege Fix


make mealtimes convenient and enjoyable


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